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UUCDC Happenings

  • On October 6, 2014, the Merger Teams from UUCDC and UCWC concluded their deliberations on the concept of a merger between the two congregations, and have decided that they will not pursue further discussion of a merger.  This decision was based on the current position of the West Chester congregation.  The West Chester congregation is undergoing a time of internal reflection and change during an interim ministry led by the Reverend Bill Zelazny.  This transition period requires dedication and focus of the West Chester congregation as it revisits its mission and goals for the future.  The transition period will be used to establish the foundation for West Chester’s planned search for a new settled minister.  The Merger Team has concluded that continued discussion of a potential merger would detract from the energy and time that the West Chester congregation needs to focus on the transition.  The Merger Team recommends that the two congregations continue to explore opportunities for collaboration and sharing across their various ministries and administration to seek economies of scale and to learn from each other.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published an article about the spread of poverty in the suburbs. Every donation we make is a small dent in that poverty level. Our faithful volunteers take all your contributions each Sunday from the Food Bank collection box in the lower lobby, to the First Methodist Church in Media. With monetary donations, we buy fresh groceries. 

  • Got Box Tops? Or Ink Cartidges? Bring them to church!  The school can turn both into $$$ for the school. Please feel free to put your box tops and ink cartidges in the Rose Tree Day School mailbox in the church office. What are Box Tops? Check it out here!  THANK YOU!

  • A friendly reminder, that if you haven't already, come and "like" our Facebook page. We're growing by leaps and bounds! Come join the movement! 

  • We have multiple dates open for coffee service. The only thing you have to bring is a quart of 1/2 and 1/2 and a gallon of juice. You will receive an email reminder and instructions the week before you are scheduled. This is really a simple job, and for the the right people serving coffee on sunday is the perfect way to serve the congregation. Please contact Mary Clinton to get on the schedule. Thanks! Without your stepping up we may have no coffee one of these weeks!

  • Besides our wonderful special events, we still need your talents, to expand our musical offerings, during Services!  If you are interested in sharing your musical gifts, with the rest of the congregation, contact Ann Seidman, or Musical Director, Bob Rowland, or sign-up online.  It's a great way to connect with our UUCDC family!

  • Our own Marylin Huff has been part of the team developing the Greater Philly UU Cluster of Congregations. Check out what this new group has to offer at http://www.jpduua.org/phillycluster.  It just got easier to find out what's going on in area UU congregations by using the calendar found at http://www.jpduua.org/phillycluster/phillycluster-calendar.  Have questions for our UUCDC Philly Cluster reps? Contact them at phillycluster@uucdc.org or use this handy link.
  • The YUUCKIs are available to do yucky jobs around the house and yard. For more information email uucdcyuckis@gmail.com. NOTE: This is the correct email address different from the one posted on the church bulletin board.

A Thanksgiving Message

by Rev. Peter Friedrichs

At the  Passover Seder, tradition dictates that there should be an empty chair, or an empty wine glass, set aside for the prophet Elijah. The Jewish tradition of the empty chair has been adopted and expanded beyond just the Passover Seder. An empty chair is kept on all sorts of occasions. For some, the empty chair represents an invitation for God, or the Holy, to join us at the table. For others, the empty chair reminds us of who is missing from the event.  For example, when the Nobel Peace Prize was given out in 2010, the recipient, Liu Xiaobo, was unable to attend because he was in prison in China for speaking out for freedom. So, in his place the Nobel Committee placed an empty chair on the stage.  The empty chair says that not everyone is at the table who should be. It reminds us of who’s missing. Of the fact that we’re not quite complete without everyone. That we haven’t yet become the beloved community that we seek.  

I’m wondering about the idea of the empty chair, and asking the question: “Who’s missing from our table?”. In just a few days, we will be gathered ‘round the Thanksgiving table, piled high with all kinds of scrumptious food. We’ll be stuffing ourselves like we stuff the proverbial turkey. We’ll be surrounded by family and friends and, I hope it’ll be a wonderful celebration for everyone. But who’s missing? You might be missing a friend who couldn’t make it this year. Or someone who has moved away. And of course we’ll remember all those whom we’ve lost who won’t be at our table this year, or ever again. But this question is bigger than that. It’s not about who’s missing from our particular tables. It’s about who’s missing from the larger table that we set.  

I think about immigrant families in our country, who want nothing more than a safe home to live in and a future for their children. I think about all those who work at minimum wage jobs, often more than one, struggling to put food on their own table. I think about those who struggle with mental illness, who are so stigmatized by our society. I think about the drop-outs and the drug addicts, the teen mothers and the thousands, mostly young black men, in prisons. I think about the people we hold at the margins, whom we don’t let near the table because they aren’t like us. How we keep them away from the table, telling them there’s no room for them. All of these, all of them, deserve a place at the table. I ask you, who is it that we need to invite to the table, to take that empty chair and fill it, to make our community complete? To whom will we extend that grace?

It’s risky to try and fill that empty seat. But that’s who we are as Unitarian Universalists. We notice who’s not at the table and we go out and get them. We are a people of invitation. We are people who aren’t afraid. We are a people who stand up and say, “Wait a minute! Someone’s missing! We need them here!” and we go out and find them, and bring them back, and welcome them in. We are a people who say that we are prepared to risk change and to risk being changed, who seek to transform and aren’t afraid to be transformed by those who show up at our table. That’s who we are.  

Amidst all the abundance that we share in this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, let us make room and call everyone to our table.  

Bill Henderson "Faith Leader of the Year"

Bill Henderson wins award

Congratulations to Bill Henderson for being awarded "Faith Leader of the Year" by Building One Pa. Bill has provided leadership in promoting an inclusive, sustainable and economically prosperous Pennsylvania by championing the Southeastern Pennsylvania Housing Mobility Program. 

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