This Sunday & Notable at UUCDC

This Sunday March 18 - "How Unitarian Universalists Can Change the World"

This Sunday, guest minister Rev. Xolani Kacela and Worship Associate Rob Sartain will delve into ways that UUs effect change in themselves, their families, and community by attending to their inner faith narrative. We learn how our “chosen faith” is similar to a volcano. 

The plate collection at this service be be donated to the Media Food Bank, to help support the monthly food needs of several hundered Delco residents in need.

LepreCON March 16 - 18 - Unfortunately, this event has been cancelled.

Hope to see you next year!

March 21 - Demand a Ban on Assault Weapons

Join others in the church, along with our friends from Delco United for Sensible Gun Policy and Heeding God’s Call, to engage on March 21, when we will occupy Senator Pat Toomey’s Philadelphia office and demand that he cosponsor an assault weapons ban. 

That is the action that I invite you to join if you are able, and I ask you to invite your friends to join you in this act of resistance. And if you’re not able to be there on March 21st, I can predict with absolute, horrific certainty, that there will be more vigils for more victims. There will be more protests. There will be more acts of resistance, because I have no doubt there will be more carnage and more killings in the weeks to come.

Rev. Peter's Poem for March: Equipoise

It must be some kind of 
magic trick, with hidden 
wires and pulleys,
or maybe a confederate stands
behind the curtained valance.
How else could the sun, 
the moon, the earth hang 
in such perfect balance?

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