Summer 2015

by Rev. Peter Friedrichs

“Feet Of Runner In Evening Light” by Sura Nualpradid used with permission

As we bring another “church year” to a close, I’m once again confronted by the question, “Why do we take the summers off?” Granted, we still hold worship services every Sunday (See complete summer schedule of Sunday worship service guest speakers).  But most other church programs come to a screeching halt in the middle of June.

I’ve searched high and low to learn the historical roots of this pattern, which to my knowledge is unique in all organized faiths.

Ignite personal growth

Engage in loving community

Serve with integrity

Sundays at UUCDC

Worship Services 10:00 AM
Coffee Hour 11:00 AM
PreK - Grade 7 Classes Resumes Sept. 20
Gr 8-12 Youth Groups Resumes Sept. 20

Upcoming Events

If you are looking for available space at UUCDC, please consult Master Calendar or the church administrator.


Aug 30 10:00 AM Sunday Worship Service
Aug 30 11:30 AM Interweave Meeting (note location)
Aug 30 4:00 PM Ice Cream Social to Meet New DRE
Sep 1 5:30 PM Yoga
Sep 6 10:00 AM Sunday Worship Service
Sep 8 5:30 PM Yoga
Sep 13 10:00 AM Ingathering Sunday Worship Service
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