Next Sunday, Rev. Peter's Poem for February & UUCDC Capital Campaign

Feb. 17:  "Food For Thought and Action"

Join us this Sunday for a very special service that focuses on issues of hunger and food insecurity. At both the 9:30 and 11:15 services we'll begin worship in the Sanctuary, then break out into all-ages workshops in which we can actively engage this important social justice issue. Following the workshops we'll gather again in the Sanctuary to wrap up our service. Rev. Peter, DRE Chrissy Bushyager, Music Director Bob Rowland, and members of our Social Justice and Outreach team will lead the service.

The "Share the Plate" recipient this month is "The Media Food Bank".  Click here to learn more.

"Trust Fall"; by Rev. Peter Friedrichs, the theme for Februay is "Trust"

What have you learned
about the way the world works?
Are your hopes intact, your
bones unbroken? Do you
still dream of being able 
to fly?
Or do you wear the wounds 
of pain, ancestral or intimate,
as your uniform, creases sharp, 
donned each day without thinking? 
Is your skin so thick 
with scars it renders 
clothing redundant?
Would you ever climb up
on the table-land 
of your life, and stand
like a high diver,
your back to the void,
your heels hanging
over the edge and,
taking with one deep breath 
a full accounting of all 
that has brought you here,
lean back, 
let go, 

The UUCDC Capital Campaign is underway!  Learn all about it by clicking here.


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