UUCDC Sermons

The Right to Migrate

As we continue our exploration of this month's theme of "Journey," Rev. Peter will offer further reflections on his trip to the border last December and examine the human right to migrate.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Waze We Journey

The spiritual theme for the month of March is Journey. Rev. Peter Friedrichs, Director of Religious Education Chrissy Bushyager, and Worship Associate Ed Mathis explore the many possible ways to pursue our spiritual journey, the routes we take, and where they lead.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Trusting in Us

This Sunday was Stewardship Sunday, the official kick-off to the Annual Fund Drive. As we closed out our month-long consideration of the theme of "Trust," Rev. Peter reflected on the beauty and power of a community when it's built on a foundation of trust. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Food For Thought

This Sunday was a very special service that focused on issues of hunger and food insecurity. We began worship in the Sanctuary, then broke out into all-ages workshops in which we can actively engaged this important social justice issue. Following the workshops we gathered again in the Sanctuary to wrap up our service. 
Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Trust in God, But Tie Up Your Camel

Our Spiritual Theme for the month of March is "Trust." This Sunday, Rev. Peter, DRE Chrissy Bushyager and Worship Associate Ed Mathis offer their perspectives on the questions of in whom do we place our trust and how far does it go? 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

In Praise of Maybe

As we continue our exploration on the spiritual theme of "Possibility," this Sunday Rev. Peter, DRE Chrissy Bushyager and Worship Associate Josie Cressler reflect on the possibility that we're wrong. Or at least consider what it might mean if we were more open to uncertainty. What possibilities does that open up to us? 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Mission: Possible

Our Spiritual Theme for the month of January is "Possibility." As we embark on a New Year, it's a good time to reflect on the meaning and purpose of our lives. As a congregation, we have a mission statement to guide us, and perhaps some of us have a "personal mission statement" as well. How are we all doing and what possibilities do we have for living into our purpose?

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Finding Faith in the Darkest of Hours

As the nights are long and the calendar prepares to flip to a new year, we may struggle to stay connected to our faith, or even to define what that faith is for us. What does "faith" look like to a Unitarian Universalist? Come worship with us as Rob Sartain and Worship Associate Norma Lewis lead us in an exploration of the mystery of faith for UUs in these dark hours. One service at 10 am. We will resume our regular worship schedule, including Religious Education for children, on Sunday January 6.

There is no text for this service.  Please listen to the Audio.

Rob Sartain and Worship Associate Norma Lewis

The Gifts We Want, The Gifts We Need

Threre were two Christmas Eve services with stories and carols this year.   The homily for the services follows.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Mystery of the Incarnation

When you come right down to it, Christmas is about the Christ child, the notion of God taking on human form. This Sunday, Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Josie Cressler consider how this concept might hold meaning for us as Unitarian Universalists. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs