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UUA GA Service

Beauty Betwixt and Between

What do we do when we aren’t quite there yet? Do we worry? Do we push studiously onward? Do we dream about the future and reminisce about the past? There is a preciousness in the moments of in between. There is a beauty to be explored. We will explore the beauty of liminal spaces this Sunday, Beauty: Betwixt and Between.

Antonia Bell-Delgado

The School of Hard Knocks

We can learn by being taught and we can learn from experience, and as we age we see that there are things we wish we'd been told, things that we learned the hard way. This Sunday, as we celebrate Father's Day, Rev. Peter reflects on the things he wished his father (or others) had taught him. 
Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Beauty Everywhere

Our service celebrates the beauty of our faith community and what it means to be part of "the interdependent web of all existence." We reflect on the past church year and look toward the future with music from the UUCDC Choir, a Time for All Ages from DRE Chrissy Bushyager and a reflection from Rev. Peter.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Wandering and Wondering

As we begin our month-long spiritual theme of "Curiosity," Rev. Peter, Director of Religious Education Chrissy Bushyager and Worship Associate Sharon Fichthorn reflect Unitarian Universalism's call for us to "live into the questions" that our lives present. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Welcome as a Spiritual Practice

At the same time that being part of a community helps us to be whole, we all need to work to ensure the wholeness of the community itself by always expanding the circle of inclusion. This Sunday Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Sharon Fichthorn offer a service that brings transgender- and queer-identified voices to the center and that asks us to reflect on the wholeness of the UUCDC community.
Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Alleluia and Hallelujah

This Sunday, Rev. Peter, Director of Religious Education Chrissy Bushyager, and the UUCDC Choir celebrate the concurrent holidays of Passover and Easter. What do these ancient stories have to teach us about our personal sense of "wholeness," and the "wholeness of our community? 
Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Earth Made Fair and All Her People Whole

As we celebrate Earth Day, Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Kathy Alston reflect on how the earth provides a model for our own wholeness, and how our wholeness is dependent on the wholeness of the Earth. 
Rev. Peter Friedrichs

A Migrant's Story

As we continue our exploration of this month's theme of "Journey," Rev. Peter offers further reflections on his trip to the border last December and examine the human right to migrate.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Waze We Journey

The spiritual theme for the month of March is Journey. Rev. Peter Friedrichs, Director of Religious Education Chrissy Bushyager, and Worship Associate Ed Mathis explore the many possible ways to pursue our spiritual journey, the routes we take, and where they lead.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs