UUCDC Sermons

Patriotism: Vice or Virtue?

George Bernard Shaw wrote, “Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” Is patriotism just a selfish, xenophobic act or does it embody the values of pride, loyalty and sacrifice and so is something to be admired? Why is patriotism defined in so many different ways in our country, particularly in this most interesting political season? And what do Unitarian Universalists have to say about patriotism? Come and celebrate the holiday with us.  Fireworks to follow the service. (Just kidding)

Mark Bernstein is the guest speaker and has been a patriotic member of UUCDC for the past 22 years. A former Congregational Life staff member of the Central East Region of the UUA, he regrets that he has only one life to give for his congregation.

Mark Bernstein

A Fun Mess

This Sunday 10 am single service is a multigenerational celebration of our community. As we wrap up the "regular" church year, we celebrate all that we are and all that we can be. Rev. Peter and Interim DRE Erica Shadowsong lead us in this festive occasion, which is followed by our annual summer kick-off potluck picnic.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Freedom From. Freedom To.

Keeping with our theme of "Simplicity," this Sunday Rev. Peter does his best to answer questions about the simple expression of freedom in Unitarian Universalism.  Are there limits to one's personalized UU faith and if so, what are they?

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Complexity of Simplicity

This Sunday we'll begin our exploration of the monthly spiritual theme of "Simplicity." We are constantly urged to simplify our lives and yet they seem to become more and more complicated. What are the gifts and the challenges we face when we try to "KISS" or "Keep it Simple, Stupid?"

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

To Bless Those That Serve

As we conclude our monthly theme of "Blessings" and we celebrate Memorial Day, Rev. Peter offers his reflection on the blessings of service, both in serving and being served by others. During our time together, we offer an affirmation of those within our congregation who have served in the military. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Bless the World

Every day we're faced with choices about how we approach our lives and each other, and how we will be in the world. In the words of Unitarian Universalist theologian Rebecca Parker, we can "choose to bless or curse the world." What would it be like if we chose to bless the world?   Rev. Peter and Worship Associate Chrissy Bushyager reflect on this question.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Everyone a Blessing

The monthly spiritual theme for May is "Blessing." This Sunday, with stories told by members of our LGBTQIA community, followed by the homily by Rev. Peter below, we affirm our First Principle and celebrate the blessing that every person is to the world. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Voices for the Earth

This Sunday celebrates "Earth Day" with a special service presented by members of the congregation's "Green Sanctuary" group and the homily by Rev. Peter below.  Come hear several reflections on our connections to the planet and celebrate our Mother Earth together on this special day!

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Liberation as Salvation

As the Christian world celebrates the holiest day on its calendar, Rev. Peter reflects on the monthly theme of "Liberation" by considering "Liberation as Salvation."

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

I Think, Therefore I Am... I Think? - Considering the Liberating Potential to be found in What We think.

As we continue our examination of March's theme of "Liberation," Cindy Terlazzo, a UU seminarian from Lancaster Seminary, explores the liberating potential contained within our thoughts by exploring questions such as: Do our thoughts matter? Does the way we think about life determine our experience of it?  And if our thoughts do matter, what are the implications for ourselves and the world around us?

Cindy Terlazzo