UUCDC Sermons

Liberation as Salvation

As the Christian world celebrates the holiest day on its calendar, Rev. Peter reflects on the monthly theme of "Liberation" by considering "Liberation as Salvation."

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

I Think, Therefore I Am... I Think? - Considering the Liberating Potential to be found in What We think.

As we continue our examination of March's theme of "Liberation," Cindy Terlazzo, a UU seminarian from Lancaster Seminary, explores the liberating potential contained within our thoughts by exploring questions such as: Do our thoughts matter? Does the way we think about life determine our experience of it?  And if our thoughts do matter, what are the implications for ourselves and the world around us?

Cindy Terlazzo

Rest in the Storm

As we conclude the month's theme of "Desire", we acknowledge that we just can't have and do and be everything we want. Sometimes our bodies and our spirits simply need to take a break, a respite from everything that drives us and demands our attention.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

The Birds and the Bees and the Bible

In honor of Valentine's Day and our monthly theme of "Desire," this Sunday our service looks at what the Bible has to say about sex. Can we find messages in the Bible that encourage healthy physical relationships between people? Are there "sex-positive" passages in the Bible that our Puritan forefathers made sure we never heard about? 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Rilke and Rumi: Poets of Longing

Benedictine Sister Macrina Wiederkehr says, "There are no experts in prayer…. only people who have been faithful to the ache."  Poets Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī and Rainer Maria Rilke came from different traditions and lived more than 600 years apart, but they knew that ache and expressed their longing for the Holy in poems that continue to sing in our hearts today. 

Rev. Libby Smith

Vision 2025

Rev. Peter offers up something of a "State of the Congregation" message that explores his vision for the congregation for the next 10 years or so.  Where are we headed as a faith community?  What are we called to do and who are we called to be?  What challenges do we face?  These are some of the "Big Questions" he will address. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Celebrating King's Legacy

This service recognizes and celebrates the legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Rev. Peter and Interim DRE Erica Shadowsong lead the service, which includes an opportunity to explore the importance of empathy while pursuing justice.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Of Rocks and Ice

Continuing our theme of "Resistance," this Sunday Rev. Peter and worship associate Emily Cairncross offer their reflections on our resistance to conflict, and how opposing forces can result in creative outcomes.

Rev. Peter Friedrichs

Resistance is Futile

Our monthly spiritual theme for January is "Resistance." This Sunday, Rev. Peter examines the challenges we face when we encounter change and how we might overcome our resistance to change.  As we begin a New Year, what changes are calling you, and where are you feeling resistance? 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs


This Sunday, through music and story, we honor and celebrate the winter solstice, and look at how within ourselves we can shift our own perspectives away from darkness and toward the light. 

Rev. Peter Friedrichs