UUCDC Capital Campaign


To build for a better future, the church is embarking on a Capital Campaign—a congregation-wide effort to develop plans then fundraise for exciting, much-needed improvements to our facilities. These improvements will reflect our collective dreams and aspirations, grounded in the 2018 Facilities Improvement Team report and rooted in our mission.

Learn more about the Capital Campaign on this Webpage, where you’ll also find updates and ways to get involved.

Questions or comments? Contact Jenn Oglesbee (left) or Jean Wallace (right), Capital Campaign Co-chairs, at capitalcampaign@uucdc.org.

The Steering Committee for the Capital Campaign

This committee provides guidance and coordination for this major churchwide initiative. Committee members, who represent a cross section of leaders from teams overseeing the building improvements, fundraising, communications and church governance, are: 

  • Todd Johnson, Jane Seelaus (Building Advisory Committee Co-chairs)
  • Bill Clinton, Lori Rice-Spring (Stewardship Co-chairs)
  • Peter Cooke, Ann Seidman (Executive Team)
  • Mark Bernstein (Rally Team Chair)
  • Joe Miller (UUCDC Board President)
  • Reverend Peter Friedrichs
  • Jenn Oglesbee, Jean Wallace (Capital Campaign Co-chairs)

Also, special thanks to the Rally Team, led by Mark Bernstein, which provides communications for the Capital Campaign. Members are Rachel Ammon, Brandi Ernst, Todd Johnson, Sue Redfern and Jean Wallace.

Facilities Improvement Team Report

This May 2018 report summarizes the congregation’s hopes and dreams for what we could become and accomplish with better facilities. Imagine: a new kitchen to support church events and rentals… an air-conditioned building…more space for Religious Education and community events … quiet space for meditation or small group ministry—these are a few of the desired improvements among surveyed congregants. Read more about our priorities for facilities improvements with these two reports; 2018 Facility Improvement Report and 2018 Facility Needs Assessment and Improvememt Report!

Next Steps Weekend Report

To strengthen our stewardship and prepare for a capital campaign, the church has engaged Unitarian Universalist Association consultant Barry Finkelstein. In October 2018, Barry visited church to conduct the Next Steps Weekend program, a series of meetings from which he developed recommendations for a successful capital campaign. The report provides his observations and advice to help us on our journey and notes that we have many strengths for a successful campaign, including: overall congregational health; committed, capable leadership and campaign teams already in place; and strong staff and a beloved minister who are committed to the project. Read Barry’s recommendations here.

Above: UUA consultant Barry Finkelstein presenting his findings during the Sunday service following Next Steps weekend in October.

Below: Church members attending workshops throughout Next Steps weekend to discuss our hopes and dreams to improve our facilities and advance the church’s mission.

Meet the Building Advisory Committee

The Building Advisory Committee, led by Co-chairs Jane Seelaus and Todd Johnson, is working closely with our contracted architectural firm (BWA) to develop design options to improve our facilities. The Committee coordinates these efforts with the Board of Trustees, church staff, and the Executive and Capital Campaign teams. Committee members are:

  • Jane Seelaus and Todd Johnson (Co-chairs)
  • Nathan Barcomb
  • Mary Clinton
  • Dave Demarest
  • Mark Ernst
  • Erin Gallagher
  • Jason Glass
  • Samina Iqbal
  • Brad Randall
  • Bob Redfern
  • Peter Cooke (liaison to the Executive Team)

The Building Advisory Committee’s most recent Progress Report, presented at the January 27, 2019 annual meeting is available in summary here and in slide form here.

BWA: Our Architectural Firm

In January 2019, the church formally engaged BWA Architecture + Planning, an architectural firm based in Philadelphia, to help shape our dreams into design options for building and facilities improvements. Read more about this important milestone in the Capital Campaign here.

Timeline for the Capital Campaign

The Campaign’s anticipated timeline is shown below.

In February 2019, BWA and the Building Advisory Committee hosted a series of focus groups with church members and staff to gather specifics on our priorities for facilities improvements. The workshops focused on several key areas, including: expanding educational space, enlarging and improving the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall (e.g., more seats; air conditioning; better audio/visual technology); enhancing office and meeting space; and adding a kitchen and more parking.

This spring (around late March), BWA will provide plan options for building improvements at various price points. Once the committee and church leaders review them and provide feedback, design choices will be shared with the church community. At the May 19 Congregational Meeting, church members will vote on whether to proceed with the Capital Campaign next fall to fundraise for the desired improvements.

Be Informed, Get Involved! 

This spring, the entire church community will have opportunities to review, discuss and share feedback on design choices for facilities improvements. Stay tuned for updates as we await initial design concepts from our architectural planning firm.