Sunday School Pre-K to Grade 6

Religious Education Pre-K - Grade 6

Sunday Morning Children/Youth Programming

What Happens on Sunday Mornings?   Regular children's worship is an important part of our Religious Education Program. Most weeks, students grades PreK to grade 7 will begin their morning with Sunday Morning Chapel in the Chapel downstairs followed by their classroom experiences where they will to light the chalice, share a reading, and participate in joys and concerns. Periodically, the entire church community will gather in Sanctuary for Multigenerational Services where adults and children worship together. Adults are also welcome to attend Chapel.

Sunday Morning Chapel (9:30 only* - Pre K - Grade 6)    Chapel mirrors the adult service with opening words, chalice lighting, sharing of joys and concerns, an offering, singing, and a story with a theme. Like the adult worship services, Sunday morning Chapel explores the congregation’s monthly worship themes.  In addition, we often highlight important aspects of our Unitarian Universalist heritage, including the 7 Principles (sometimes called “Promises”) and 6 Sources of our faith.  Chapel is led by our Director of Religious Education and occasional guest leaders, including the Rev. Peter Friedrichs.  Chapel typically lasts 20-25 minutes followed by RE classes until dismissal at 10:30am.

Music for Chapel   All children with musical talent are invited to play their instrument in the Sunday Morning Chapel Service as well as the Multigenerational services. Adult musicians are also invited to share their gifts in the Sunday Morning Chapel.

Multigenerational Worship (9:30* and 11:15*) provides an opportunity for adults and children to worship together for the entire Sunday service. These worship experiences are interactive, entertaining, and spiritual. Please contact DRE Chrissy Bushyager, if you or your child/youth would like to share his/her talent in Sunday Morning Chapel or an Multigenerational Service.

Large RE Sessions (9:30* – Preschool – Grade 6) are usually held on holiday weekends. The large group RE Session may include storytelling, theater, social justice projects, guest presentations, and music.

* Our church school year runs mid-September to mid-May. During the late spring/summer, children ages 5 and under are welcome in the nursery room. Parents may always bring children to the service. We have a rocking chair in back for you to use and also kid's activity packs in baskets near the sanctuary door to help keep little ones amused. Upon request, the service audio can also be turned on in the youth room. Check the home page calendar for correct service times.


Course Offerings 2016/2017

Cradle Room/Nursery - Ages Newborn-3 (9:30 and 11:15)

The youngest members of our community are important to UUCDC and we provide professional care for them. The cradle room is staffed by fully vetted and supervised personnel who provide loving care and play for the little ones until they are able to move onto a more structured class environment.  Available during all services.

Pre K & Kindergarden; ages 3, 4 & 5 – “Chalice Children 
The "Chalice Children" program delves deep into our Unitarian Universalist faith. It strives not just to teach about it, but also to provide experiences around the strength of community, the wonder and awe that transcend everyday understanding, and life issues we all share. Early childhood (the years between ages 2 and 5) is filled with curiosity and wonder. In a group setting with loving adult guides, young children can engage in spiritual seeking, develop their openness to sharing, and experience the benefit of a supportive community. Their time in "Chalice Children" can set a pattern for the rest of their lives and bring lasting benefits.  

Grades 1 and 2  – “Moral Tales”
Every day our children go forth into a complex world where they are often faced with difficult decisions and situations. "Moral Tales" attempts to provide children with the spiritual and ethical tools they will need to make choices and take actions reflective of their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values. As Kevin Ryan and Karen Bohlin suggest in their book, “Building Character in Schools” (San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1999), stories such as the ones woven throughout "Moral Tales" can activate and inform children's learning about how to make moral choices.

Grades 3 and 4 – “Timeless Themes”
Stories from the Hebrew and Christian Bibles introduce children to religious literature which is central to our culture and to our heritage as Unitarian Universalists.

Grades 5 and 6 – “Love Connect Us/Amazing Grace”
 "Love Connects Us" celebrates important ways Unitarian Universalists live our faith in covenanted community. Moved by love and gathered in spirit, we embrace our responsibility toward one another and the world at large. We encourage one another's search for truth and meaning. We strive to be active in peace-making and other efforts to improve our world.

"Amazing Grace" intends to help sixth graders understand right and wrong and act on their new understanding. Its purpose is to equip them for moving safely and productively through the middle- and high school years, when they will be continually tugged toward both ends of the ethics continuum. Through their involvement in "Amazing Grace", youth will come to recognize and depend on their Unitarian Universalist identity and resources as essential to their movement toward understanding, independence, and fulfillment of personal promise.

For Grades 7 and 8, please continue to Our Whole Lives program page.

For Grades 9 to 12, please continue to Youth LRE program page.

All children and youth attending programs at UUCDC must be registered. Registration fee is $25/youth, but will not exceed $50 per family. Scholarships are available. Please let us know any pertinent information about your youth especially food allergies, bee sting allergies, or important medical info when you register. Let us know how you can help support your youth’s religious education!

To learn more about our comprehensive Religious Education program, preschool-adult, please email Chrissy Bushyager, Director of Religious Education or call 610-566-4853, ext 203.