Rent Our Space

UUCDC seeks to make our facilities available to the people of the community where they may satisfy their needs for devotion, work, study, discussions, concerns for public issues, or recreation. We do not assume responsibility for the opinions or activities of any organization/individual which is not officially connected with this church. Permission to use Church facilities does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the group or its goals.

Space at UUCDC may be rented by any group or function whose purpose, goals, ideals or philosophy is not inconsistent with the broad ideals of the Church, with the exception of fund raising for a specific candidate or candidates.

Renters will specify in their publicity that "meetings held at the Unitarian Universalist Church" rather than using language which may imply that there is sponsorship by or affiliation with the Church.

Priority for events is determined on a first-come-first-served basis. However, church sponsored events have priority where possible over requests for building use from non-church groups and individuals. The exception to this is rentals that have already been arranged.

Description of Facilities


This is a place for worship, ceremonies, concerts and suitable meetings and other events. It features a wood beamed cathedral ceiling and large windows which provide a view of the wooded grounds. In this room, no material may be affixed to the walls, or other surfaces by means of any fasteners such as nails, screws, etc. Tape may not be affixed to the walls or any painted surface. Food and/or beverages may not be brought into this room. Seating may be arranged to suit the needs of the lessee. Capacity is 200 persons.

Fellowship Hall:

The architecture and views from this facility are similar to that of the sanctuary. Seating may be arranged to suit the needs of the lessee. Capacity is 120 persons.


This more intimate space is located on the lower level and is adjacent to two classrooms. Seating may be arranged to suit the needs of the lessee. Capacity is 50 persons.


This room can hold up to 30 people.


Chairs may be taken to classrooms for meetings of 20 persons or less. They must be returned after the meeting. None of the materials in the day school classrooms should be used by any renter.


A microwave oven, stove and dishwasher are available, as are coffee urns, cups and trays. Space in the refrigerator is highly limited. Arrangements for kitchen materials must be made at the time of the rental agreement.

Usage Fees

The non-profit rate applies to non-profit groups who are registered 501-C(3) entities, or other such non-profits. However, this rate may NOT be used by groups who are charging an attendance fee for the event. A final determination on the status of any group with regard to non-profit status will be determined by the Board of Trustees.

A frequent user discount of 15% is available to groups who use the church a minimum of 4 times in a 12 month period. A summer use discount of 15% is also available from mid-June to mid-August. However, only one discount to apply.

Use by individual church members is not considered church use. Church members in good standing[1] may use the church facilities free of charge for "life passage events" such as weddings, memorial or funeral services, child dedications or any ceremonial event with a minister performing ritual. All other use of church facilities by members will be at the reduced rate offered to non-profit entities. In case of such rental, all normal rental rules and regulations apply. 

Wedding (4 hours) includes services of facility coordinator     $1000      
Sanctuary Rental (4 hours)     $600    $300    $60
Fellowship Hall (NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE)     $350    $200    $40
Chapel (4 hours) contact church office contact church office contact church office
Lounge (4 hours)       $80      $48    $25
Classroom (4 hours)       $50      $24    $15
Entire Building (6 hours)   $1200      $75
Custodial Services[3] $25 hr/2 hr minimum none available  
[1] A member in good standing is someone who has signed the membership book and has a contribution of record in the current or previous calendar year.
[2] Further reduction of rates for special circumstances may be made at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.
[3] Services of the church custodian may be available for set up/cleanup. This is dependent upon the custodian's availability and must be determined in advance. 

UUCDC Rental Rules & Regulations

A deposit of 50% is required with the written contract. Full payment is required 7 days prior to the event.

Cancellation less than 30 days prior to the event will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

If there is any breakage or damage during the event, the lessee will be responsible for the costs of any such damage. The church reserves the right to require a damage deposit prior to the agreement. A $25 key deposit may also be required.

The building and all equipment must be left in a clean and orderly fashion.

The Church reserves the right to remove from the premises any person or group who is deemed by its representatives to present him or herself in a disorderly fashion.

Food and beverages are not to be brought into the upstairs Lobby or the Sanctuary.

Arrangement for delivery of any equipment rented for an event must be prior to the event and such equipment removed prior to 9:00 am the following day. Any exceptions to this must be negotiated in advance with the church office.

The following is strictly prohibited:

  • throwing of rice, bird seed, confetti, paper rose petals (exception - fresh flower petals) flowers or plants placed on the floor without protective covering
  • smoking anywhere within the building
  • use of the playground except by prior arrangement

Any of these properly placed, must be removed immediately following the event:

  • thumb tacks, nails, or tape on walls or woodwork (exceptions may be arranged at time of rental)
  • fires (other than candles) except by special permission

The user agrees to waive and release all claims and causes of action of every kind which you now have or which at any time hereafter arise, against the Church, its officers, employees or members relating directly or indirectly to the function held, unless such claims or causes of action result from acts of omissions of the church, its officers, employees, or members which are negligent or known to be wrongful.

If the guidelines are not adhered to, the user may forfeit the right to use the facilities and the function will be terminated by the Church.

Clean Up Check List

  • Take out garbage. Cardboard and white paper are recycled and go into the dumpster so marked. All other trash should be placed in the other dumpster. NO food items should be left inside the church.
  • Sweep/vacuum floors as necessary. Mop if needed.
  • Wipe down and put away all tables and chairs.
  • Pick up any litter at entry ways.
  • Take away any pamphlets, brochures or other material from your event.
  • ALL lights must be turned out. Note: the night light outside the upstairs bathroom is on a light sensor and cannot be turned off.
  • Turn off all fans (including exhaust fan in Fellowship Hall).
  • All doors and windows must be closed and locked. The outside doors can still be opened from the inside when locked. This allows that persons remaining in the building can leave after the doors have been locked.

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