The mission of the UUCDC Library is to provide resources to encourage spiritual growth and the search for truth and meaning. The Library is located on the lower level of the building, opposite the entrance to the chapel. It contains several hundred books on a wide range of topics including sprirituality, world religions, UUism, social justice, science & religion, mind and body and other topics.

Use of the library materials is based on the honor system. The Library is open daily whenever the building is open. Anyone who attends UUCDC on a regular basis is welcome to borrow books. All library books must be signed in and out on the clipboard found on the library shelves.

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Sample the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County's LIBRARY:

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism: The Belief System That Enables Us to Eat Some Animals and Not Others
Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist
Traveling Mercies: Some Thoughts on Faith
The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton and the Path to American Leadership
Quantum-Touch Core Transformation: A New Way to Heal and Alter Reality
Signs and Wonders: Finding Peace, Joy, and Direction from Coincidences, Synchronicities, and Angel Murmurs--and Other Ways God Speaks
Christian Hermit in an Islamic World: A Muslim's View of Charles de Foucauld
Raising The Roof: The Pastoral To Program Size Transition
Born to Believe: God, Science, and the Origin of Ordinary and Extraordinary Beliefs
How God Changes Your Brain: Breakthrough Findings from a Leading Neuroscientist
The Wisdom of Donkeys: Finding Tranquility in a Chaotic World
Reaching for the Sun: Meditations
Angels in My Hair
Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith
Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers
Keys to the Open Gate: A Woman's Spirituality Sourcebook
Breaking Free: Women of Spirit at Midlife and Beyond
The Bible on Suffering: Social and Political Implications
The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future
The Science of Evolution and the Myth of Creationism: Knowing What's Real and Why It Matters

Please contact the Library Committee with suggestions or questions. Donations and volunteers are welcome. Details may be found in the UUCDC Library policy.