The mission of the UUCDC Library is to provide resources to encourage spiritual growth and the search for truth and meaning. The Library is located on the lower level of the building, opposite the entrance to the chapel. It contains several hundred books on a wide range of topics including spirituality, world religions, UUism, social justice, science & religion, mind and body and other topics.

Use of the library materials is based on the honor system. The Library is open daily whenever the building is open. Anyone who attends UUCDC on a regular basis is welcome to borrow books. All library books must be signed in and out on the clipboard found on the library shelves. Please return books in the bin on the floor and cross off on the clipboard.

The Religious Education Lending Library is also available in the Administrative Assistant's office outside Fellowship Hall. For the both the RE and Adult Library collections, please consult our online catalog.

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Recent additions to the UUCDC Library

Book donations are welcome and are accepted based on the UUCDC Library policy.