From the Interim Director of Spiritual Exploration: Questions to Ponder

by Erica Shadowsong
I am excited.  I am excited for you, because this is the month when all the plans for next year’s spiritual exploration begin to take solid form!  This year, you get to imagine a new year with a dynamic new religious educator.  I have no doubt that you will find that perfect fit.  I have always felt that UUCDC has much promise.
Here are some things to be thinking about this month, as you get close to that flurry of activity during your hiring period:
Did your children pass through the Our Whole Lives sexuality education program this year?  If so, you know how essential this program is.  Would you consider being trained to teach?
Are you new, or relatively new, to UUCDC or Unitarian Universalism as a whole?  Do you want to find a way to be connected and involved?  There are opportunities to get your feet wet by assisting, observing, mentoring, or even sharing a favorite love or hobby in a one-time activity.  
What would you love to see UUCDC offer for further programming for its adults?  Do you have an idea of something that would warrant further exploration?  Would you consider facilitating?  Or perhaps joining the adult education council?
Did you enjoy March’s multigenerational worship, with multimedia, worship leaders of all ages, and different types of activities?  If so, could you envision a transformation in worship that is ALWAYS all ages and how could you help UUCDC move in that direction?
If you are a church leader or involved in a ministry of the church outside of the religious education program, have you connected your ministry with members of all ages?  If not, have you thought of ways that perhaps you could?
And finally, what kind of experience do you want your new professional to have, for their first year with you?  What do you hope they will bring to their first year?  And how can you help support them to make the transition healthy, hopeful, and happy?  As members of the SE Council display and announce the many opportunities in programming for next year, please stop by and take a look, and let them talk with you.  Next year has yet to be imagined; it’s a perfect year to start something new.