Chrissy Bushyager Named Director of Religious Education

After conducting a months-long, nationwide (in fact, international) search, the Director of Religious Education Search Committee discovered a treasure right here at home!  At the Annual Congregational Meeting on May 21, the committee announced that Chrissy Bushyager has been hired as the DRE. 

Chrissy holds a master's degree in counseling.  Her professional career includes positions in health education, parent relations, and career development. She has been a church member since 2012 and has volunteered in the Religious Education program, served as a worship associate and been a Board member. With Natalie Silver, Chrissy helped to establish the thriving Young Families Group.

She knows the program and the church's culture, and has developed relationships with most of the families enrolled in RE. Chrissy has a clear vision for the future of the program and a deep commitment to helping our children and youth develop strong identities as Unitarian Universalists.

Please welcome Chrissy in her new role. She will start work on Aug. 1. A replacement will be named to the Board.

Let's congratulate the search-committee members for the fine work they've done in the last year. Please offer up your thanks to Kelli Schweitzer (chair), Emily Glowacki, John Jurceka and Michael Kline.