The Advocacy Action Group's mission is to organize for influence on issues of social injustice, including legislative lobbying and campaigning at the local, state, national and international levels. 

Move to Amend for Free and Fair Democracy

This project involves events and activities that further the long-term goal of amending the U.S. Constitution to expand democracy, ensure free and fair elections, and return power to We the People by curbing the ability of corporations, big money and special interests to dominate our political process. Read more here. Contact Neil Goldstein.

Unitarian Universalist Pennsylvania Legislative Advocacy Network (UUPLAN)

UUCDC supports UUPLAN to assure that all Pennsylvanians have the basic means of survival, access to living-wage work, and the right to organize for justice and dignity on the job. More information about UUPLAN's initiative in this area can be found in the link above.  You can also click on to support the "Raise the Wage Act" by signing on as an individual, or a part of UUPLAN or of UUCDC.

Contact Mardys Leeper, UUCDC leaders or regional justice team leaders of initiatives below:

Environmental Justice

Several years ago, we voted to become a Green Sanctuary. Then we patted ourselves on the back and did nothing. We may drive a Prius, but what do we do collectively to preserve Mother Earth? Do we put our recycling containers next to our refreshment tables or do they linger, largely unused, in the coat room? Do we carpool to church? When we envision church expansion, do we build sustainability into our energy plan? If you are interested in living in harmony with the rhythms of nature, as our purposes and principles suggest, we need you to help us turn green. Contact Bob Redfern

Mariner East Pipeline

On Dec. 3 at 12:45 in the downstairs Chapel, a video on the enviromental impact of the Mariner East Pipeline, "America, Subverted", will be shown and discussed, with the producer, Hugh Brownstone, in attendance.  Please click here for a description of the video.

Reproductive Justice

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived in a world where every child was born to a loving mother thrilled to be a mom who had adequate means to provide a good life for the child. Reproductive Justice is a complicated issue and very much more than abortion access. It is the current Congregational Study Action Issue (CSAI) of the UUA. Read more in the SOC document on Reproductive Justice. The UUA certainly supports access to safe and legal abortion services, but the framing of the discussion needs to change. It needs to address the cause of the problem rather than the symptom. Meanwhile reproductive rights and women’s health services are currently under attack nationally. Reproductive Justice represents a broader analysis of the racial, economic, cultural, and structural constraints that impact women’s lives. Reproductive Justice includes the right to have children, the right to not have children, and the right to parent children in safe and healthy environments. This frames reproductive Justice as a human right. This is the broader issue of reproductive justice. Contact Elizabeth Lincoln  

Sensible Gun Solutions

UUs interested in helping us understand how we can reduce the likelihood, or at least the frequency, of tragic events by understanding the factors that lead to gun violence, what changes in public policy might mitigate or reduce gun violence, and how we and other people and communities of faith might advocate for such changes. Contact Carol Seeley

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

UUSC advances human rights through grassroots collaboration. In more than a dozen countries throughout the world, UUSC fosters social justice and works toward a world free from oppression. UUSC's innovative approaches and measurable impact are grounded in the belief that all people have inherent power, dignity and rights. For more information visit their website. Contact Mardys Leeper