This Sunday and Rev. Peter's Poem for March

This Sunday April 1, 2018 - "Resurrecting Hope"

Join us as we celebrate Easter Sunday at UUCDC! Rev. Peter, Director of Religious Education Chrissy Bushyager, and Worship Associate Kathy Alston will help us Unitarian Universalists make meaning out of this age-old story that is foundational to the Christian faith. 

Rev. Peter's Poem for March: Equipoise

It must be some kind of 
magic trick, with hidden 
wires and pulleys,
or maybe a confederate stands
behind the curtained valance.
How else could the sun, 
the moon, the earth hang 
in such perfect balance?
The earth dances through 
this empty space
like an ingénue, resisting 
the suitor sun’s embrace.
And, all the while, the moon 
is there to pull the seas 
with strength enough
to shift and mold her sister’s face.

Gravity drops at our feet
fruit from branches 
too tall to reach,
and holds us close enough 
to dance and kiss and meet,
while seasons last just 
long enough for birth and death, 
and birth again,
in endless cycle sweet.
Would that the magic trick, 
that sleight of hand,
be once revealed to me,
that I might learn to hold
my night and day,
my dark and light,
in such perfect equanimity.


Two (2) New Soul Matters Small Groups Forming NOW — But Please Sign Up Soon

Wishing you could be part of a small church group that meets regularly to discuss matters of faith and self? Consider yourself invited!The Soul Matters program offers just such opportunities. We have two new groups forming and there are still spots in either the 2nd Wednesday 7-9 pm, or 2nd Sunday 12:30-2:30, both will meet at UUCDC. If you can commit to 4 monthly meetings in March, April, May and June, please contact the church office or coordinator Joan Karasick at This shorter-than-usual calendar is the outgrowth of requests from the winter UU101 class to be part of the popular program. Find out why over 100 of us at church love Soul Matters!

New Focus Express for Spring 2018

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