This Sunday and Rev. Peter's Poem

Sunday Nov. 26 at UUCDC: "Service is Our Prayer"

One Service only at 10 am.

The call to serve others is at the heart of our faith. And when we have more than we need, it's easy to answer that call to serve.  But when our own lives don't feel so abundant, it may be harder to remember that serving others also helps ourselves. Kathy Alston will serve as worship associate and music will be provided by Dick Veleta.

Rev. Peter's Poem for November's Theme, "Abundance"

"Autumn Light" 

I wish I could write poems
with the soft autumn light,
with vocabulary of ochre and umber;
And words that slant through
streaked afternoon windows,
glowing, contented.
Phrases that rustle and crunch
like spent, brittle leaves
that have done their duty;
That, in their season,
nourish great living things,
then go out in a blaze of glory.
Verses that litter the yard 
like acorns, seeking purchase 
in soft, yielding soil;
That burrow deep and wait,
with patience and mystery,
to sprout in spring’s imagining.
Stanzas that are bound up
like sheaves of golden wheat,
standing, at ease, like soldiers;
There to be gathered and threshed, 
ground to a satisfying meal,
the chaff a gift to the wind.
I wish I could write poems
with the soft autumn light.