This Christmas Eve Sunday and Rev. Peter's Poem

Sunday Dec. 24 at UUCDC will be a Christmas Celebration!

Sunday December 24 (One Service @10 am):  "The Gospel According to 'Mary'"

Mary Oliver's poetry speaks deeply to our human experience and is often considered "scripture" in Unitarian Universalist churches. On this the morning of Christmas Eve, Rev. Peter will offer a service celebrating the poetry of Mary Oliver. Join us for this service of poetry, music and reflection at 10 am. Ann Seidman and Gabby Sacks will offer their musical gifts. There is one service at 10 am.

Christmas Eve Services:

  • At 5:00 we will offer a "Service of Stories and Songs" to celebrate the holiday, taking us on a journey from the secular to the sacred sure to be enjoyed by children of all ages. Several musical guests will offer their gifts in this multigenerational experience.
  • At 7:30 we will offer a traditional "Service of Lessons and Carols" that will include musical offerings from the UUCDC Choir, directed by Bob Rowland and accompanied by Joy Thiessen.

Rev. Peter's Poem for December's Theme, "Hope"

"Wish List" 

World Peace. Of course.
I mean, what kind of person
wouldn’t wish for that?
The end of hunger? Poverty?
Discrimination? I’m not sure what
should come next.
Compassion. For everyone.
Just so the list doesn’t
seem too sanctimonious,
a 1956 Gibson Les Paul
would be nice. Oh, and 
the chops to play it.
What about a week without
a disturbing revelation about
a man we admired, or any more
tweets from the White House?
I’d like Black Lives to matter, 
a tax plan that actually
helps the middle class, and
universal health care coverage.
Probably too much to ask,
but a guy can dream, can’t he?
How about winter? 
Just a regular winter.
Not the nuclear kind.
With a clear path to spring
and another chance 
to see the flowers bloom.
I’m sorry if you were expecting
a feel-good poem filled with
solstice, snowflakes and saviors.
You have to admit that things 
seem pretty bleak right now.
Maybe the best thing, the 
only thing, to wish for is 
the persistence of hope.